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PEP Screening Lists

Be Vigilant & Avoid Dealing with Sanctioned Entities/Individuals!

PEP Screening Lists

Identify Politically Exposed Persons(PEPs) with a Simple Search

Leverage a global database of politically exposed persons(PEP) data to assess sanction risks, manage high-risk clients, and meet KYC/AML compliance obligations with Trademo Sanctions Screener.

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Where We Get Our PEP Screening Data
Trademo leverages cutting-edge data engineering and ML technologies to monitors 110+ PEP lists dictated by government authorities, federal organizations, and trade authorities to provide real-time sanctions and PEP data.

Find Information About Politically Exposed Persons Easily

175+ PEP

Lists Monitored


Countries Covered

60 min

Update Frequency

Understanding Politically Exposed Person(PEP) List Screening

PEP list screening is the process of identifying politically exposed persons and assessing the risks involved in working with such people. Politically exposed persons usually involve people who have a significant public/political position and are a higher risk for organizations since they can be involved in bribery & corruption due to their influence.

Such people usually include -

Heads of State, Central government ministers, and members of Parliaments
Senior politicians & important political party members
Senior government, judicial, and military officials
Higher executives of state-owned corporations and public sector organizations
Immediate families of the people mentioned above
Why Institutions Trust Trademo’s PEP Screening Data

Comprehensive Information for Politically Exposed Persons

Trademo’s algorithms track PEP data in real-time across 110+ PEP lists from around the world. This data is further compiled into a standardized format that will provide you with name, nationality, primary country/location and other key information for the PEP you’re searching for.


Ensure that You Meet All KYC/AML Compliance Guidelines

Trademo Sanction Screener’s PEP screening data helps you conduct complete background checks for your PEP prospects and meet all KYC/AML compliance obligations. With our PEP data, you can also monitor officials and individuals under PEP lists.


Protect Your Business Reputation by Avoiding AML Violations

AML violations can severely damage your company’s bottom line. A proper PEP screening process will help your business avoid potential sanctions/AML violations and help protect your business’s reputation and market perception.

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Key Features of Trademo’s PEP Screening List
Global PEP Data
With coverage for 190+ countries, Trademo Sanctions Screener will provide you with all the politically exposed persons lists that you could ever need.
Real-Time PEP Tracking
Our ML algorithms update the PEP & sanctions data you are looking for every 60 minutes ensuring the data you’re viewing is up-to-date.
Easy and Intuitive Interface
Trademo Sanctions Screener provides you with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Search for the PEP data you need and find it within minutes.
PEP Monitoring and Alerts
Trademo helps you monitor PEP data for existing customers. You can create watchlists and set up AML & sanction update alerts for your prospects.
Bulk Auditing & Screening
Bulk screen thousands of individuals within seconds to find detailed PEP & corruption-related sanctions information for new and existing clients.
Integrated Workflows
You can easily integrate Trademo Sanctions Screener with your existing CRM/ERP/procurement tools to streamline your restricted party screening process.

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