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Product Master

Streamline trade compliance management for your catalog/inventory with Product Master

Product Master

Unify Compliance for All Goods With Product Master

Trademo’s Product Master is an unprecedented platform that enables streamlined trade compliance management for product catalogs/inventory, helping you to take control of business workflows and effectively manage regulatory compliance information for all your goods.

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Intuitive Platform for Simplified Inventory Compliance Management
Compliance management varies with business size and inventory volume. The common challenges include accurate product classifications, adapting to dynamic regulations, data accuracy risks, intricate documentation, complex customs valuation, and managing resource allocation.
Product Master provides a centralized & user-friendly platform where you can update and manage detailed information for entire product catalogs/inventory including product descriptions, classifications, pricing, regulatory information, and more.

Advanced Features that Make Product Master Unique

Product Master enables highly efficient organization and management of any volume of information for a range of items. You can add, remove, or edit items easily & ensure the accuracy of the information stored for your products/SKUs.
The tool allows extensive dashboard customizations for organizations which allows them to manage their daily activities on the platform easily. You can add, remove, and customize fields to maintain relevant information for your products.
Businesses across industries have varying goals and workflows and finding a tool that serves the exact purpose is difficult. Product Master breaks the boundaries by allowing you to modify the dashboard view after logging in and efficiently manage operations.
Easily find what you need no matter how big the catalog is. Product Master comes with powerful search and filter capabilities to help you save your precious time and effort while finding specific items or grouping products with matching attributes.
Optimizing compliance costs can significantly improve the bottom line for businesses. With Product Master, you can effectively track historical information as well as the latest update on product prices and other related costs.

Achieve Winning Compliance With Intelligence and Simplicity Driven Platform

Product Master enables simplified compliance management for businesses of all sizes and teams of all expertise levels. The platform serves as a single source of truth for your product catalog or inventory, enabling one-stop management of all the information. It’s super simple to integrate your product information with Product Master by direct data transfer or bulk file transfer.

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How Product Master Can Revolutionize Your Business?


Optimized Inventory Management

Ensure the accuracy of data for all the items and organize item data effectively.


Maximized Operational Efficiency

Save time on managing trade compliance tasks for items using advanced capabilities.


Data Updated in Real-Time

Benefit from real-time data synchronization with streamlined updates across connected systems.


Smooth System Integrations

Integrate Product Master with your existing ERP or inventory systems seamlessly.


Data-backed Decision Making

Access detailed reports and insights for informed business choices and strategy making.


Enhanced Compliance Management

Meet regulatory requirements and maintain data precision across your product catalog.

Leverage a Single Source of Truth for Smooth Inventory Compliance Management

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