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Quick Landed Cost

Get Precise Landed Cost Estimates Super Quickly and Effortlessly

Trademo’s Quick Landed Cost is an exemplary effort-saver API that generates accurate landed cost estimates for your goods in milliseconds, helping you to determine the true price for your imports and avoid surprise charges upon delivery.

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API-based Landed Cost Platform for Unmatched Speed and Ease
The actual landed cost of goods involved in cross-border trade includes much more than just the manufacturing cost of goods. Many additional expenses including shipping charges, freight charges, customs duties, taxes, insurance fees, transportation charges, and more can significantly impact the final cost price of such goods. These hidden charges can become costly surprises for the end customer upon goods delivery.
Quick Landed Cost helps you to calculate the estimated landed costs of your goods seamlessly right on your system. Eliminate the guesswork from determining the total cost of your imports. With simple inputs only, the platform can give you near-accurate results in no time.

Features that Make Landed Cost Calculations A Matter of Seconds

With the Quick Landed Cost API, you can generate near-accurate landed cost estimated with HS code input of any length from 2 to 12 digits or even an invalid HS Code. The advanced algorithms can predict the accurate HS code and produce precise landed cost estimates for that HS code.
It is possible to calculate accurate landed cost estimates for different products/goods by simply inputting their title with Trademo’s Quick Landed Cost. The platform’s powerful AI & ML powered algorithms process the product title entered by the user and derive a precise product description for it. Then, it identifies the most relevant and accurate HS code for the description followed by generating an accurate landed cost estimate for the product.

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Why Calculate Landed Cost with Our Quick Landed Cost?


Accurate Estimates Everytime

The platform leverages the latest duty rates, taxes, and other charges as published by the customs authorities for accurate landed cost estimates.


Super-Quick Results Delivery

After integrating the Quick Landed Cost API into your system, you can get calculation results in milliseconds that can boost your efficiency manifolds.


Optimize Costs as per Need

You can configure the API model by setting high or low values depending upon the relevant cost drivers for you and get more precise results as expected.


Informed Decision Making

Accurate and fast landed cost estimates can help you make informed decisions about the pricing of your goods, setting profit goals, and sourcing strategies.


Seamless Platform Integrations

You can connect the platform with various ERPs like Shopify, Salesforce, Magento, etc. or any of your existing systems to get landed cost estimates directly into your workflows.

Get greater visibility into the expenses involved and avoid costly surprises later. Calculate accurate landed cost estimates beforehand.

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