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Trademo for Customs & Defence

The problems for the Customs and Defence industry continue to rise with dynamic regulatory changes, sanctions violations, and rapidly evolving sourcing security benchmarks. Trademo offers advanced supply chain solutions to help the industry meet complex compliance requirements and monitor risks for their goods actively.

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Ensure Safe Movement of High-Risk products with Real-Time Intelligence

Put Security First Through Comprehensive Profile Investigation, Shipment Tracking, and Real-Time Intelligence.

Avoid security risks by thoroughly investigating buyers/suppliers' profiles

  • Save your organization’s integrity by leveraging standardized company profiles to proactively investigate cases of weapons proliferation, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, and counterfeiting.
  • Perform Effective Risk Management by Mapping Supply Chain Networks

    Make informed decisions with Proactive Risk Assessment and Real-Time Tracking.

    Assess risks for your shipments by effective screening and real-time tracking

  • Actively screen your shipments to get a closer look into the multi-layer ownership structures, company involvements, and real-time alerts on shipments' movement through high-risk trade routes.
  • Conquer the challenges of today’s dynamic supply chain landscape.

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