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LATAM Trade Data

Unlock Granular Import-Export Data for 8+ LATAM Countries

LATAM Import-Export Data

Unlock Granular Shipment Data for LATAM with Trademo Intel

Investigate in-depth import and export data of the LATAM countries to establish data-led strategies for your business. Leverage practical supply chain insights to navigate the intricate web of LATAM supply chains, optimizing revenue generation, diversifying supply chains, and gaining a competitive edge.

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Comprehensive Coverage for US Imports & Exports Data


Countries Covered

210 Million+

Detailed Shipment Records

1.5 Million+

Latin American Traders

3.5 Million+

Shipments added every month

$2.2 Trillion+

Goods Traded Yearly


Data points per shipment

Trusted By 1000+ businesses participating in global supply chains

Discover Detailed Records and Bills of Lading Across LATAM Supply Chains with Trademo

Access import and export data for 8 LATAM countries from 2015. Visualize detailed supply chain data for all LATAM imports & exports to find buyers, sellers, and more.

Over 3.5 Million shipments are added every month
Includes various modes of transport - maritime, air, rail, etc.
HS Codes & commercial invoices for all shipments
Map entire supply chains with 40+ supply chain data points for each shipment

Get Data Access For 8 Countries

Why Businesses Choose Trademo’s LATAM Trade Data

Simplify Your LATAM Prospecting with Granular Shipment Data

Search and view over 210 million shipments and find new buyers, sellers, logistic companies, and more for your business needs.


Visualize Global Trade & Spot Market Trends in the LATAM Region

With 40+ data points for each shipment, you can analyze LATAM markets to create detailed reports and take crucial decisions backed by accurate & authentic data.


Gain an Edge by Analyzing Your Competition’s Supply Chains

With a database featuring over 1.5 million LATAM-based companies, discover your competition and gain complete visibility for their supply chains.

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Access Your LATAM Import-Export Data with Trademo Intel

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Rated 4.8/5 based on 120+ reviews


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