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Calculate the true cost of your goods with Trademo’s Landed Cost Calculator

No more hidden charges or unexpected tariffs waiting for you upon the arrival of your shipment. Get the most accurate landed cost of your shipments upfront and ensure your goods are duly paid for.

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Businesses may face several challenges while calculating landed costs including rapidly changing freight charges, currency fluctuations, and dynamic regulatory changes leading to the addition of new taxes anytime.

Legacy or manual methods compound the challenges further as they are time-consuming, erroneous, and fail at handling global regulatory complexities. The right landed cost calculator helps businesses ensure accurate calculations and also maintain competitiveness in the disruptive market.

Best-in-Class Features for Most Effective Landed Cost Calculation

Experience Powerful Yet Simple Landed Cost Calculation

Dealing with embargoed countries can have significant negative impacts. With Trademo Compliance, you can identify countrywise embargoes and avoid trading with a listed country. The tool notifies embargoed countries along with details on the embargo.


Compare Landed Costs for Different Trading Partners

The tool allows you to compare the minimum landed costs between preferential and non-preferential trading partners. Thus, you can choose the more profitable options and take the most optimal business decisions.


Receive Alerts on Any Updates in the Duties or Taxes

For any landed cost calculation, you can set alerts to receive email notifications for any updates on duties, taxes, HS codes, FTA rates, and product descriptions. The tool also provides you with adjusted landed cost results.

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Why Trademo’s Landed Cost Calculator is the best choice?


Ensures High Accuracy

Our landed cost calculator accounts for all the default duties and taxes (VAT, FTA, GST, etc.) along with hidden charges (processing fees, shipping charges, etc.) to give you the most precise landed cost estimate.


Enables Fair Pricing of Goods

With a clearer overview of all the duties and taxes applicable along with the hidden charges, you can set fair prices of goods. This will help you ensure your imports/exports are duly paid for and enable revenue optimization.


Provides Reliable Results

Our duties and FTAs data are updated in real-time ensuring that all the tax changes are accounted for duly in each landed cost calculation. You can stay assured to get the most reliable landed cost calculations every time.

Accurate Landed Costs Ensure Fair Pricing

Trademo Compliance’s Landed Cost Calculator and API ensure the most accurate landed cost calculations and fair pricing for your goods while saving time & resources.

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