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Global Supply Chain Intelligence

Find information & insights on a global scale to get an accurate and complete view of global trade and world markets. With Trademo Intel, you can:

  • Discover import and export data from world’s most important trading economies
  • Research your competitor’s supply chains to create data-driven strategies
  • Find new opportunities and markets for your business
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Global Trade Compliance

Automate, streamline, and simplify trade compliance to minimize non-compliance risks & protect business interests. With our global trade management solutions, you can:

  • Screen Individuals, Businesses, or Vessels Against Global Sanctions Lists in real-time
  • Determine the latest regulatory controls & embargoes applicable to your goods
  • Calculate the accurate landed cost of your goods quickly and compare costs leveraging FTAs
  • Automate classification and validation for HS codes & determine accurate ECCN codes for your cross-border transactions
  • Streamline global trade management for your product catalog/inventory
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Sanctions Screener
Landed Cost Calculator
HS Classifier
HS Code Validation
Trade Reference
Product Master
Quick Landed Cost

Supply Chain Mapping & Risk Management

Our intelligent graph database technology collects and compiles data in a standardized visual format providing businesses with in-depth visibility for their N-tier supply chains. With Trademo Map, you can :

  • With complete visibility for your supply chain, you can mitigate potential violations & comply with legislation.
  • Identify suppliers that are involved in forced labor activities and gain foresight to avoid violations and penalties.
  • Prevent Disruptions by finding vendor concentration risks in any tier of your supply to manage bottlenecks in your supply chain.
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