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Enriching AI-Powered Trade Data Analytics with Smart Data Feeds

Trademo’s Trade Data License delivers the global export-import trade data you need directly into your analytics engines and workflows in a standardized format.

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Why Your Analytical Engine Needs Enriched Trade Data Feed
Intelligence for Key Supply Chain Nodes
Discover granular level supply chain data and insights for 10M+ global companies, their trading partners, products, HS Codes, trade lanes, countries, ports, logistics companies, etc.
Better Strategic Decision-Making
Understand the inner workings of global supply chains and back your business' decision-making with import and export trade data feeds from around the globe.
No More Data Gaps
Reduce the data gaps within your analytical engines by augmenting your data with Trademo’s import-export trade data to gain a more comprehensive view of global supply chains.
Predictive Analytics Using Big Data
Trademo's data delivery helps you research & monitor supply chain data to create Machine Learning models for predicting opportunities & risks in global supply chains.
How Data License Works


Select the Datasets You Need

We offer 20+ trade data licenses for your needs. Select the one you want and choose your preferred delivery platform. We currently deliver data via cloud providers like AWS, GCP, Snowflake, etc.


Integrate Your Datasets

We will deliver the trade data set/s you need in a secure, encrypted format ready for integration with your analytical engine.


Empower Your Supply Chains

Derive enhanced insights for your supply chains with a regularly updated, enriched, and robust data feed.

Sample Our Datasets for Your Analytics Engines

Explore Trademo’s trade data sets compiled from globally-recognized authoritative sources and enriched by our in-house data scientist & supply chain experts.

United States Exports Bill of Lading

Find potential prospects from over 130K+ US-based exporters and suppliers
Track trade lanes, shipper information, carrier details, TeUs, VOCCs and much more
Get 30+ raw and enriched data points

Public Company Supply Chain Data

Discover import-export transactions of global publicly listed companies and their subsidiaries
Find details of Shipper, Consignee, their Stock Ticker, Stock Exchange and more
Track Shipment Value, Quantity, Weight and Mode of Transport
Get 25+ enriched data points for each transaction

Supply Chain Data of OFAC Comprehensively Sanctioned Countries

Discover businesses and countries who are engaged in trade activities with OFAC comprehensively sanction countries like Russia, Iran, Syria, and others.
Find details of Shipper, Consignee, HS Code,
Track Shipment Value, Quantity, Weight and Port of Lading and Unlading.
Get 20+ enriched data points

Supply Chain Data of Sanctioned Entities Globally

Decode supply chains of entities sanctioned by more than 500+ sources globally
Find details of Shipper, Consignee, HS Code, Sanctions Status, Sanctions Match Score, Sanctions Authority and more.
Track Shipment Value, Quantity, and Quantity
Get 25+ enriched data points

United States Imports Bill of Lading

Find potential prospects from millions of US-based importers and buyers
Track shipment value, TeUs, VOCC & NVOCC, trade routes, HTS codes and more
Get 80+ raw and enriched data points

United States Imports Commodity Details

Helps you find on details HS Codes, trade lanes, commodity codes, etc. for your product/product categories
Can help track quantities, weights, trade volumes, HAZMAT details and much more for various products/product categories
Get 40+ raw and enriched data points

United States Imports Container Details

Provides proprietary container details such as Container Load Identification
You can also access container level information including container dimensions, vessel carrying the container, manifest number and much more
Get 25+ raw and enriched data points

United States Imports Party Details

Find details for Shipper, Notify parties, Consignees and more
Track market share, supply chains and much more for parties of interest
Get 30+ raw and enriched data points

Other Country Customs Data

Trusted by 1000+ businesses participating in global supply chains

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