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Trademo Map

Get a Living, Breathing View of Your Supply Chain

Trademo MAP is a multi-tier supply chain mapping tool that enables sub-tier visibility for your upstream supply chain and helps monitor concentration, sanctions, forced labor, and geopolitical risks proactively.

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Innovative Graph Technology-Based Supply Chain Mapping
Supply chain and trade data is highly unstructured and siloed. Trademo uses its graph database technology to collect and compile data in a standardized visual format. Sourced from both public and private data banks, our graph database enables you with unmatched visibility for the world’s supply chains.
Supply Chain Mapping Empowered with Enriched Data
260 Mn+
Shipments Analyzed
10 Mn+
Global Importers and Exporters Data
Countries Covered

Enriched Insights for Key Decision Makers

98% of businesses lack visibility beyond their tier 1 suppliers. This leaves your supply chain vulnerable to risks, bottlenecks, violations, and disruptions. Increasing strictness in government regulations makes supply chain visibility crucial.

MAP provides a comprehensive view of your multi tier supply chains, helping you identify ways to build an operationally resilient supply chain and create efficient long-term strategies.

Alleviate Risks with Multi-Tier Supply Chain Mapping

Mitigate Potential Violations & Comply with Legislation

With complete visibility for your supply chains, you can identify sanctioned suppliers across your multi tier supply chain. This information can help you avoid sanction violations and build trust with your tier-N suppliers.


Gain Foresight to Identify Suppliers Using Forced Labor

With UFLPA in full effect, a business needs to ensure that their supplier base is not using forced labor. MAP helps flag potential UFLPA violations, helping you avoid potential violations in any tier of your supply chains.


Prevent Disruptions by Finding Concentration Risks

Vendor concentration in any tier of your supply chain can create bottlenecks for your entire supply chain. MAP enables you to find such bottlenecks and diversify supply chain networks for you and your suppliers helping build a better supply chain.

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Trusted By 1000+ businesses participating in global supply chains

Empowering Global Importers

Trademo Map helps procurement and supply chain management teams manage risks, bottlenecks, disruptions proactively.

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