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A & A Tradingltd. Imports and Exports Data

1210, 1111 Melville St, Vancouver, B.c. Canada V6e 3v6 82-512928983 Tel 82-51292 Ex 89, Canada
A & A Tradingltd. is an Importer and Exporter based out of Canada. Trademo Intel has 123 shipments records for A & A Tradingltd. trade data. The company primarily deals in Read more

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The following insights are derived from A & A Tradingltd. Imports data collected between 1st Jan 2014 - 26th Sep 2023.
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Total Number of Trading Partners
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A & A Tradingltd. Shipments Trends by Shipments

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Sample Shipment for A & A Tradingltd.

Shipment Primary Details
This section provides basic details for the shipment in question. Data points such as the value, weight, and product details for a shipment are displayed here.
Shipment Weight
123,180 kg
Shipment Date
10 Apr 2018
Product Keywords
Coniferous Wood In The Rough, Not Treated, Coniferous Wood In The Rough, Not Treated, Coniferous Woo...
Mode of Transport
Shipment Origin Details
The origin details section provides information about shipper, where the shipment is from, and where it was loaded onto a ship.
Country of Export
Shipper Name
A A Tradingltd
Port of Lading
Gooch Island, Vancouver, Bc, Canada
Shipment Destination Details
The shipment destination details shows information about the consignee, port of unlanding and the destination a shipment is headed towards.
Country of Import
Consignee Name
A A Tradingltd
Port of Unlading
Seattle, Washington

Some Interesting Insights

Trademo collects A & A Tradingltd.'s import-export shipments data from a variety of public and private sources including Bill of Lading, Customs Declarations of several countries etc.After collecting A & A Tradingltd. import-export transactional data, it is a standardized and normalized to build a 360-degree trade profile of the company.
A & A Tradingltd.'s company profile would include granular shipments data including details such as Bill of Lading or Customs declaration number, Shipment Date, Port of Lading, Port of Unlading, Buyer/Supplier Name, Product Description, Country of Origin/Destination, HS Code, Shipment Value and more
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