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Sanctions Screener

Sanctions Screening is Now a Single Search Away

Trademo Sanctions Screener is an innovative sanction & denied party screening tool that helps your business identify sanctions risks in real-time to avoid dealing with risky parties, protect business reputation, and stay compliant with international regulations.

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Perform Quick & Effective Due Diligence
Sanctions Lists are updated, on average, every 22 minutes. That explains the urgency with which risk management professionals must monitor and update the sanctions lists.
We help you save time & track sanctions data from around the world in real-time. With Trademo Sanctions Screener, perform the most effective restricted party screening and stay updated with all regulatory changes.

Protect Your Business with Effective Denied Party Screening

Name matching in sanctions screening, AML, PEP, etc. is quite difficult. Trademo Sanctions Screener algorithm checks for translation & transliteration challenges to ensure that you get accurate results and reduce false positives.
With the bulk screening feature, you can quickly verify millions of trade partners within minutes and conduct sanctions audits for your business.
With the sanctions watchlists feature, you can create dedicated watchlists to save time on your sanctions screening process.

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Global Sanctions and PEP Lists


Active Sanctioned Entity Records

Global Sanctions Lists Provided by Trademo Sanctions Screener


OFAC Sanctions

OFAC Sanctions lists include people, banking, businesses, and organizations sanctioned by the USA’s government and state treasury. The entities listed under OFAC checks cannot trade with US-based citizens, businesses, and branches of international organizations.


Civil Penalties & Enforcements

Civil Penalties & Enforcement lists contain datasets of domestic and international most wanted persons/entities who are charged with civil penalties such as forging or for a range of criminal activities from violent to white collar crimes.


Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Catering to financial institutions and anti-money laundering compliance, this list contains data sets outlining individuals & entities that are charged with active accusations of bribery and corruption.


Banking & Investment Sanctions

This sanction list specifies and filters individuals/entities that are found to be in violation of administrative rules, civil law, or criminal offenses according to federal healthcare programs.


Health & Human Service Sanctions

This sanction list specifies and filters individuals/entities that are found to be in violation of administrative rules, civil law, or criminal offenses according to federal healthcare programs.


Maritime Sanctions

Our Maritime sanctions list contains shipping vessels or entities that have been associated with maritime sanctions violations by various government or port authorities.


End User Sanctions

The end user list contains individuals or entities whom government bodies identify as foreign parties that are prohibited from receiving or selling goods.


PEP Screening Lists

Implement a robust KYC compliance/AML compliance strategy by screening through Trademo’s exclusive politically exposed person lists & knowing the potential risks of doing business with a PEP.


Sanctioned Party Ownership

These lists contain information on the companies that don't appear on governments' watch lists but may be regulated under the OFAC & EU “50% percent rule” as they are owned or controlled by sanctioned/denied parties beyond defined percentage thresholds.

Why Perform Sanctions Screening with Trademo Sanctions Screener
Alerts on Saved Searches
Get alerts for updates, new sanctions information, and embargoes directly into your inbox for your sanction searches or watchlists created.
Minimal Training Required
Trademo Sanctions Screener provides you with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Get the sanctions data you need in a single search.
Global Sanction Lists Coverage
With over 620+ sources, Trademo Sanctions Screener is one of the best sources for global sanctions data.
Quick & Easy Integrations
You can easily integrate Sanctions Screener with your existing procurement software tools to streamline your restricted party screening process.

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Healthcare Sanctions

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