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Custom Trade Compliance Services for all Business Needs

Meeting trade compliance norms can be challenging & a single misstep can lead to hefty non-compliance penalties, shipment delays, and even jail time. Trademo’s experts will help ensure that none of this happens to you!

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Trade Compliance is Becoming Complicated. You Need a Simpler Way to Meet Global Norms!
Avoid Non Compliance Panelties
Compliance norms around the world are changing at a rapid pace. It's important to stay updated to ensure that your business isn’t caught in compliance violations net.
Reduce Compliance Cost
Being a fully scalable service, Trademo’s custom compliance solutions let you outsource compliance operations to reduce business costs significantly.
Save Time
Supply Chains move incredibly fast. You must pass legal and compliance requirements ASAP to ensure that your supply chain functions smoothly.
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HTS Classification

Entry Audits

Restricted Party Screening

Trademo hosts one of the world’s largest databases for country-wise classifications for products, customs rulings and bill of lading. Our experts leverage this data and Trademo’s advanced HS classification technology to enable quick and accurate HS code classification for your products/product categories.

How it Works

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Our compliance experts leverage comprehensive data and proprietary technology to design bespoke compliance process as per your requirement.


Our experts will efficiently handle your trade compliance needs on regular basis, acting as a reliable extension of your customs and compliance team. Weekly or monthly review calls will be scheduled to optimize the compliance process.

Why Businesses Trust Trademo’s Experts
Comprehensive Trade Content
We gather comprehensive compliance data by leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML. Trademo currently maintains a real-time updated database of compliance information including 500,000+ customs rulings, 500,000+ compliance entities, and 500+ sanctions lists.
Global Expertise in Trade Compliance
Trademo prides itself on providing industry-leading expertise and customer support. In addition, our compliance services are available in multiple languages to provide you with a smooth customer experience. Our experts are available 24*7 to help you with all things trade compliance.
Compliance Evaluation at All Stages
We perform regular conformity checks at every stage to ensure that you are always compliant. Through this, we also ensure that every order or shipment of your business abides by the laws of the start and destination country.
Flexible & Innovative Compliance Solutions
Custom solutions, interfaces, integrations, and migrations - our services department can develop a custom solution for your organization. From large projects to smaller niche and specialty classifications, our world-class professional services team can help you succeed.
Expert Guidance on Customs Procedures
Customs regulations are different for every country. All businesses must meet unique customs norms for each country when expanding their business. Our experts can guide you on the customs procedures & topics so that you can stay clear from breaking any laws.
Set a Watchlist for Updates
Our experts help you stay on alert for every global trade compliance update. You can set a watchlist to receive alerts for any new updates related to trade compliance or sanctions information like changes in HS codes, sanctions lists, duties, tariffs, and more.

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