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Stay Ahead of Regulatory Changes with the Latest Trade Compliance Norms

Trademo’s Controls is a one-stop platform that provides you with real-time updated & detailed information on the latest regulatory controls, embargoes, and more to meet import and export compliance with ease and prevent violation risks.

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Meeting Global Trade Compliance Norms was Never Simpler
The trade compliance practices & standards are aimed at ensuring ethical practices, stability, quality, and safety in all global trade operations. However, countries imposing different rules and regulations to safeguard their trading rights has immensely contributed to the complexities of the cross-border compliance front.
Controls is your go-to platform for the latest compliance-related information and insights including country-specific customs regulations, licenses/permits, control types, etc. Access to such content can help you safeguard business interests by avoiding costly violations, carefully trading in prohibited/restricted/free goods, and following best trade practices

Features That Make Import/Export Compliance Effortless

Trademo Compliance gives the right and early kickstart to your compliance preparations with the latest global trade content which is regularly updated on a real-time basis. The tool presents detailed compliance-related information about your imports/exports including authority controls, permits, licenses, control types, etc.
With a 360° view of import/export compliance regulations, you can avoid fines, penalties, customs delays, shipment seizures, or even imprisonment by various government and legal authorities. Ensuring compliance also provides business benefits like enhanced customer experience through on-time deliveries.
Dealing with embargoed countries can have significant negative impacts. With Trademo Compliance, you can identify countrywise embargoes and avoid trading with a listed country. The tool notifies embargoed countries along with details on the embargo.

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ML-powered algorithms for real-time update of compliance content

We collect authentic and verified global trade compliance content from government authorities and federal customs organizations. Our in-house team of compliance experts normalizes the content with automated tools leveraging Machine Learning algorithms. Any update in the compliance content is reflected on the platform in real-time, ensuring that your compliance workflows are fed with the latest information.

Why choose Trademo Compliance for Global Compliance and Controls


Get Country-Specific Controls Info

You can determine the precise regulatory controls & embargoes for specified trade journeys of goods including countries of import, export, and origin.


Best Results with Limited Input

You can get the most precise controls information by entering limited inputs and even achieve suggested results against wrong inputs.


Benchmark Coverage of OGAs

We provide you with the most comprehensive and granular level compliance content collected from over 440 Other Government Agencies.

Stay on Top of Regulatory Changes and Meet Compliance for Your Goods Easily. Get the latest compliance information with Trademo Controls

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