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HS Classifier

Automate product classification with Trademo’s AI-Powered HS Classifier

HS Classifier

Classify with Confidence Using Automated HS Code Classification

Trademo’s HS Classifier is a genius AI & ML powered HS classification tool that automates the process of HS code assignment, enabling effective and streamlined international trade compliance for businesses.

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Intuitive AI-Enabled HS Classification for Unmatched Speed and Ease
Businesses face the challenge of time-consuming and complex product classification, compounded by cross-border compliance intricacies and country-specific Harmonized tariff schedules.
Our HS Classifier helps you navigate global trade regulations with confidence. The tool enables easy and quick HS code lookup leveraging a powerful combination of AI and human expertise.

Features that Will Change the Way You Find HS Codes

From one to billions of products, our automated HS code classification tool can handle varying volumes with ease, making it a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes. Depending on the requirement, you can choose either Single Code Classification or Bulk Classification.
While most tools only offer 6-digit or 8-digit HS code results, Trademo’s HS Classifier lets you decide the length of the HS code and produces the desired results. You can achieve even more customized responses by requesting the same at the account level.
Trademo’s HS Classifier enables you to train the classification engine by inputting the training data or catalog of your choice. This feature can help you get more personalized results and also safeguard the sovereignty of your data.
The tool provides AI-generated confidence scores for each HS classification result which are calculated on the basis of inputs and predictions. HS Classifier lets you adjust the confidence scores for better refinement of results and flagging probable inaccurate HS codes.

Trademo Classifier is Powered By

1.65 Bn+

Customs Declarations & Bills of Lading

6-14 Digit

HS Code Nomenclature

10 Lakh+

HS/HTS Codes


Customs Rulings

Groundbreaking AI-powered engine delivering precise results

HS Classifier combines cutting-edge multi-modal AI technologies and Trademo’s fine-tuned system to classify products accurately based on WCO’s general rules of interpretation. The tool’s robust technology leverages training data including billions of customs declarations, bills of lading, and the latest compliance content fetched from government authorities, augmented by our trade compliance experts.

The engine streamlines product categorization to further facilitate efficient trade processes, enhanced customs compliance, and lower the risk of errors and delays.

What makes Trademo’s HS Classifier stand out?


Time and Cost Efficiency

Say farewell to time-consuming manual HS code classification. Trademo's cutting-edge AI & ML-powered HS Classifier streamlines trade compliance, saving valuable time and reducing operational costs.


Accuracy and Consistency

Embrace a new era of precision. Our AI-driven approach ensures consistent and accurate HS code assignment, mitigating the risk of human errors and customs-related delays or penalties.


Integration and Flexibility

Seamlessly integrate our HS Classifier into your existing systems or platforms through APIs, or access it via our web applications or ERP systems. Our adaptable solution suits diverse industries, delivering unparalleled benefits.


Improved Data Management

By automating HS code classification using HS Classifier, you can maintain a centralized and structured product database, empowering informed decision-making, internal reporting, and analytics.


Effective Regulatory Compliance

Automated HS code classification can help you adhere to import and export regulations effectively by providing correct HS codes, thus minimizing the risk of compliance-related issues.

Unlock Explosive Efficiency at Global Trade Management. Say Goodbye to Manual HS Classification and Embrace the Power of AI

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