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HS Code Validation

Validate HS codes with advanced AI-enabled HS Code Validation tool

HS Code Validation

Ensure Failproof Compliance with Accurate HS Code Validation

Trademo’s AI-powered HS Code Validation tool helps you determine the validity of your HS/HTS codes based on the latest government compliance data and ensure smooth cross-border clearance for your goods always.

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Quick and Accurate AI-enabled HS code lookup
Accurate HS/HTS classification of goods is crucial for seamless customs clearances and avoiding non-compliance risks. However, the ever-changing regulatory norms and country-specific HS nomenclatures complexities make it challenging to keep HS codes updated for product catalogs.
Trademo’s HS Code Validation tool makes sure that your goods are always rightly classified. You can leverage the power of AI for HS code lookup and get accurate validation results along with additional compliance content.

Automate Your HS Code Search With These Advanced Features

With the HS Code Validation tool, comes unmatched expertise in the curation of real-time updated and enriched trade compliance content. Our compliance professionals manage a vast data bank of the latest international trade regulations, customs publications, etc. fetched from government authorities. Leverage decision-grade data to validate HS codes and ensure failproof compliance.
While it is important to validate HS/HTS codes for your goods, that may not be enough. Validating commodity codes with our tool gives you additional attributes including import duties and VAT rates applicable to the requested HS codes. This information can help you further with the fair valuation of goods.

Trademo HS Code Validation is Powered By

1.65 Bn+

Customs Declarations & Bills of Lading

6-12 Digit

HS Code Nomenclature

12 Lakh+

HS/HTS Codes


Countries Covered

Supercharge HS Code Lookup with The Power of AI

The HS Code Validation tool combines AI-powered algorithms with Database Schema to enable the most accurate HS code search from extensive compliance content for multiple countries. All the user needs to provide is the HS code and country of import to get precise validation results along with additional compliance infromation including import duties and VAT rates if applicable.

Why choose Trademo’s HS Code Validation tool?


Accurate Results Everytime

The tool deploys a powerful engine backed by advanced algorithms that generate high-precision results for every validation request.


Automated HS Code Lookup

Save yourself the hassle of manual tariff code search and get accurate results quickly only by entering simple inputs.


Vast HS/HTS Code Coverage

Leverage benchmark coverage of both import and export HS/HTS codes for 80+ countries including major economies of the world.

Meet Cross-Border Compliance without failing. Say Goodbye to Manual HS Code Validation and Embrace the Power of AI

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