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Trade Reference

Stay updated with the latest and real-time updated global trade compliance content

Trade Reference

Global Trade Content Powerhouse for All Things Trade Compliance

Trademo’s Trade Reference is your one-stop hub for the latest, real-time updated, and enriched global trade compliance data fetched from global authorities to help you ensure unwavering compliance with rapidly changing global trade regulations.

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Intuitive and Enriched International Trade Content For Winning Compliance
In a dynamic landscape of ever-changing global trade regulations and mounting penalties, the task of upholding compliance demands constant diligence. Enterprises engaged in the cross-border movement of goods seek all-encompassing, up-to-date, and precise regulatory information to assure seamless trade compliance across all import and export activities.
Trade Reference enables you to manage compliance with confidence and on the go by putting expert-augmented and real-time updated compliance data at your fingertips through a highly intuitive platform.

Achieve 360° Compliance For Goods with Our Global Trade Content

From one to billions of products, our automated HS code classification tool can handle varying volumes with ease, making it a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes. Depending on the requirement, you can choose either Single Code Classification or Bulk Classification.
Browse through an exhaustive database of country-specific ECCN codes presented in a tree view format for accurate classification of dual-use and military-use goods. Avoid classification errors by easily navigating through complex terminologies and hierarchies.
Get an overview of all the regulatory controls applicable to your goods including permits, licenses, authority controls, the scope of control, etc. Avoid penalties, customs delays, shipment seizures, or even imprisonment by customs authorities.
Leverage vast and latest information on the charges applicable to your goods including tariffs, duties, preferential rates, and taxes (VAT, GST, excise, and many more). Optimize compliance costs, save duties, and ensure regulatory compliance.
Access historic as well as the latest customs rulings for the concerned goods to check for administrative decisions impacting the classification, valuation, etc. Stay updated with the latest compliance norms and avoid potential non-compliance risks.

Stay Ahead of Regulatory Changes with Extensive Trade Compliance Content


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Trade Compliance Simplified with Advanced Search Methods

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Why Trade Reference is The Best Choice For Efficient Compliance?


Superior User Experience

The platform offers a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface to help users access the compliance content they need in just a few clicks and with simple inputs.


Enriched Trade Data

Trade Reference’s compliance content is enriched by in-house compliance experts using AI-powered algorithms to provide actionable insights for confident decision-making.


Real-time Data Updates

The global trade data is updated at a remarkable frequency of 24 hours to keep compliance workflows supported with the latest data and avoid non-compliance risks.


Automated Workflows

Our global trade data helps global compliance teams to automate their workflows and save the hassle of manually navigating through complex regulatory changes.


Extensive Data Coverage

Trade Reference provides verified compliance content for over 80 countries, collected from 440+ government & customs authorities and 750+ compliance data entities.


Compliance Content Hub

Trade Reference is the one-stop platform for all the latest global trade data needed to support compliance activities and avoid potential non-compliance risks.

Stay compliant always by staying on top of regulatory changes with the most accurate global trade compliance data

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